Tap Hole Drill Machine

ROTAMECH Hydro-Pneumatic Drill Machine is of latest technology and has capacity range of 40 to 80 mm tap hole diameter up to a depth of 2,500 mm closed with Hydrous / Anhydrous clay mass. It is a compact system occupying minimum space in the cast house. It has 180 degree swivelling of Fixed Beam at parking giving ample space for easy maintenance. The swivelling is done by a hydraulic cylinder which hold the Feed Beam rigidly during drilling. The machine is with totally Hose-less piping for minimum down time and easy maintenance. The standard purchase items e.g Pneumatics are from the best available suppliers in the country.

To help you reduce inventory costs and increase operating efficiency, about 80% of the parts from any Rotamech tap hole drill can be used on other models. Our product range of Tap hole drill machine are listed below

  • Low Profile Tap Hole Drill
  • Column-Mounted Tap Hole Drill
  • Hole Drilling Tap Hole Drill
  • Portable Tap Hole Drill
  • Rotating Tap Hole Drill
  • Refractory Drill
  • Hydraulic Tuyere Drill

ROTAMECH also undertakes replacement, refurbishing and redesigning the old equipment to suit the updated application accommodated at the existing site conditions. Electrically operated machines at SAIL (VISL), Jayaswal Neco, Jindal SW, SJK Steel have been replaced by ROTAMECH Tap Hole Drill Machine. All these equipment are newly designed one of it’s kind and working satisfactorily since commissioned.