Auto Stock Level Monitoring System

ROTAMECH Auto Stock Level Monitoring System is latest technology

The Stock Rod is to tied up by the flexible steel rope which is wrapped on a drum and having the tendency to go down due to gravitational force for its won weight.

The basically force developed on the rope due to the weight of the stock rod is more than the weight of the drum and the frictional force at the different junction of the mechanical points. So, there is no opposite Drive at the drum shaft, the drum will rotate in the direction of unwrapping the rope for the downward movement of the stock rod due to the force generated by the weight of stock rod.

Now with a DC Drive,a DC motor through a gearbox will be used to drive the drum in the both direction for lowering the stock rod, as well as for raising stock rod.

To keep the stock rod and the rope parallel to the vertical line the DC motor will generate the controlled torque opposite in direction and lesser in quantity of the torque generated by the pull forced of the rope due to the weight of the stock rod.

In a result, stock rod used to move downward direction with control speed. So, in downward direction of the “Stock Rod” the DC Drive & Motor used to work in tension loop, whereas for upward direction movement of the stock rod the DC motor is to turn in speed loop by the Thyristor Drive and the parking brake used to work as per the pre-fix logic ladder of the PLC software.

Please note the PLC, DC Drive, Motor and the Electro-magnetic Disk brake are worked as per the requirement of the process i.e. at different level we can stop the movement of stock rod, we can parking the stock rod at a particular level as well as we can hold the stock rod at “O” level. The movement of stock rod i.e. the displacement of the stock rod with respect to the “O” level will be displayed in the digital mode with an accuracy of +- 0.1 mm.