ROTAMECH is committed to principles of quality, continuous improvement and total customer satisfaction. We also have a hand-picked and dedicated team of seasoned engineers and those help to provide a foundation upon which we can build in order to be as good as the best and offer solutions that are world class and cost effective.

ROTAMECH’s highly-qualified staff will design products based on your specifications. Using the latest finite element analysis software we are continually improving our design engineering quality and create premium products at much cheaper rates to our competitors worldwide. Design engineering and manufacturing personnel complement each other on a daily basis and in conjunction with our customers we try to deliver premium quality products. All our products are quality tested both part by part and also at the time of assembly. This valuable teamwork approach results in new and improved products meeting the ever-changing needs of iron and steelmakers.

ROTAMECH design team uses the latest software aided design technologies such as AutoCad®, Pro/Engineer®, Solidworks®, MouldFlow® and various AUTOLISP routines programmed in house by our skilled and efficient IT educated Design Engineering team. 25 yrs of Equipment Design, manufacturing and commissioning experience has taught us to identify the practical difficulties encountered on plant shop floor and all our products have been designed to ease maintenance and we strive to provide a consolidated solution to all.

At ROTAMECH we are determined to achieve the best of quality management system in our operations and fullfil the needs of our customers by exceeding their expectations in developing products which satisfies all quality norms and we guarantee the best rates. This helps us to maintain a “win-a-win” relationship with you.

If you require a custom solution please contact us with a description of your project and we will be happy to work through the details and provide a   FREE QUOTE   and estimate.

Instructions :
Click on the links to download the drawing files.
To open them you need to Unzip them using a free zip software like Winzip and then read them in Autocad R2000 environment.